The fruits of Sicily.

Sicily, a fantastic island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean rich in precious historical, cultural, artistic and natural heritage.

Sicily has always been considered the land of holidays thanks to its very diversified territory, an extraordinary climate and a wonderful warm and clean sea.

The natural and artistic beauties that you can find and visit in Sicily are not the only marvels that attract tourists and travelers; there are a great number of delicious characteristic products linked to the territory and to the history of this fantastic region which constitute an immense patrimony.

The citrus fruits stand out above all: oranges, clementines, mandarins and lemons that are an integral part of the landscape and represent the main agricultural crops.

During my many trips to Sicily, (in the picture I am in a beautiful structure on the slopes of Etna) I could know, appreciate and love the oranges, which with its incredible vigorous scented and long-lived plants, produce sweet and juicy orange gems , rich in vitamin C and potassium.

Oranges are on the market throughout the year with a ripening calendar that extends from November to the earliest varieties, in May for the later varieties. There are so many oranges of orange, each with its own specific characteristics, from the bitter ones that are great for salads and preserves to the sweet ones that stand out for their shape, size and taste.

Oranges above all have a quality that only few fruits can boast; nothing is thrown away, every part of them finds a use in the kitchen or to produce perfumery and phytotherapy products.

The one between Sicily and its oranges is a beautiful love story made of complicity and respect, a story that has lasted for centuries.



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